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Home Renovation can be challenging, here are the most common challenges to be on the lookout for!

An old building may have an old-world elegance, traditional design elements, big ceilings, a good locational advantage, and a lot of space that is not accessible in newly constructed residences, making the acquisition and refurbishment of an old building a wise investment. Although home renovation is usually an exciting process, it’s likely that one will run into some unforeseen difficulties when restoring an ancestral home or kitchen remodeling in Burnaby BC or bathroom remodeling. This article will alert you to any hidden issues that may surface when renovating an older home.

  1. Moisture-related damage
  • One of the main issues with older homes before home renovation is water seepage. Leaky plumbing lines, the walls, and the roof are potential entry points for water leaks. It is important to hire the best home renovation contractors who can locate the damaged walls and seal them using fresh plaster and damp-controlling materials.
  • The development of mould, mildew, or an active termite infestation—which loves wet environments—could also cause harm to the building. It is advised to dispose of the termite-infested damaged timber. Select home renovation contractors that offer expert treatment services.
  • Moisture and water seepage may come from the gaps in wooden windows and doors. Selecting contemporary uPVC windows that mimic the appearance of wood is advised.
  1. Foundational fissures
  • Visible fissures in the building’s foundation are another serious issue, particularly if the residence is older than sixty years. Going for custom kitchen remodeling or bathroom renovations with the latest material and equipment can help strengthen the foundation of the property.
  • The shifting of the soil beneath the building or water retention in the foundation are the usual causes of cracks.
  • Select a licensed home renovation contractors in Burnaby who can examine the structure, spot any cracks, and figure out how to address any structural issues the building may have.
  1. Outdated plumbing lines
  • Old buildings before bathroom remodeling come with outdated galvanized plumbing pipes which corrode over a period of time. All the galvanized pipes have to be replaced with new PVC pipes. Opting for bathroom renovations is a good way to ensure that plumbing is done correctly leaving room for no leakage of any sort.
  1. Poor workmanship
    Examine the building’s outside and interior for bad craftsmanship before beginning any home renovation in Burnaby, and then take the necessary steps to fix it with the help of the best home renovation contractors.
  1. Old electrical wiring
    Older buildings’ electrical cabling isn’t able to support the weight of contemporary appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, geysers, and other gadgets. Going for a custom kitchen remodeling will help you fix these issues.

    • To upgrade the electrical system, it is imperative to engage the services of a qualified electrical contractor because outdated electrical fixtures can be dangerous and cause a fire. The number of electrical fixtures, appliances, and air conditioners that must run in parallel throughout the house determines how much load the electrical wiring must support.
    • Replace all of the switchboards, and add enough plug outlets to the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms of the house to accommodate all of the appliances.
  1. Antiquated design
    • Outdated layouts in some older homes don’t make the most of available space. Consequently, it is imperative to rearrange the area without interfering with the building’s construction.
    • Hire home renovation contractors in Burnaby who can reconfigure the space to make the home practical and suited for a contemporary way of life. Older homes typically have narrow corridors, a small, secluded kitchen, and other characteristics. These can be helped by kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling

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