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Have you been thinking of getting a kitchen renovation done but don’t exactly know where to start? While the results will be satisfying, starting it might feel daunting at first. Hence, it is imperative that you do your fair share of research before you set yourself on track to a successful kitchen renovation Burnaby, BC. The foremost step is to understand that there two ways in which you can go about, either treat it as a DIY project or hire a kitchen contractor Burnaby, BC to do the job for you.

Here are a few expert tips for kitchen renovation in Burnaby BC:

Plan in advance
It is imperative that you ask yourself questions relating to what your aim is with the project, how much your budget is, the amount of time you have on your hands and the number of hands at work. Planning is the most crucial step as it ensures that you can stay within your budget and obtain what you want. Therefore, give it some thought. Spend some time with your home and kitchen contractor in Burnaby, BC sketching out your dream space and determining whether you can accomplish it within your budget.

Utilise the latest in kitchen technology
Don’t undervalue the importance of new appliances in transforming your kitchen from ordinary to excellent. Newly renovated kitchens ought to be practical for you. Your kitchen can operate like a well-oiled machine with the correct technology and also makes sure that your kitchen is a modern and functional one.

Make Smart Use of Counterspace
Cooks who frequently prepare meals need more counter space than those who rarely cook or just make simple meals, ideally between the range and sink. When planning a kitchen remodelling project, take countertop height into account in addition to space allotment. If you wish to use the kitchen island for both cooking and eating, staggered countertops can also aid in dividing the dining area from the hob.

Make cleaning easier
Cleaning can be simplified with careful design choices. Sinks that are flush-set or undermount don’t have a rim that could gather crumbs. Spills that pass through wire shelves on refrigerator shelves will be caught by glass shelves. Glossy coatings tend to reveal dirt more than matte ones do. Before making a purchase, consider how the materials for your kitchen makeover will affect cleaning.

Make it appealing
The era of pristine kitchens is over. Instead, modern designs are more in sync with nature and prioritise eco-friendly, natural materials. Include natural materials like wood, bamboo, linen, marble, and others. Combine various textures to provide a layered appearance that adds cosiness, depth, and flair.

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